Your Attention Please!
We are ready to take off for the BagaTrip adventure, so ensure that you have your BAGATRIP PASSPORT handy!

Your Passport will allow you to win one of the below prizes:
? 1 Bagatelle Mall Notebook – limited edition ?
? 1 night in a suite for 2 at Salt of Palmar on half-board ?️
? 1 night for 2 at Salt of Palmar on half-board ?️
? 1 Helicopter trip of 20 minutes for 2 ?
? 1 suitcase Brooklyn from Time Palace ?
? 1 instant camera from Modafone ?

How to get the passport?
All instructions can be found here:
Details on zones:

Any passengers requiring special assistance should call on 52580987.

Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy your #SafeShopping with us!

Publié 10.09.2020

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