Ascencia’s Safe Shopping Plan



During the confinement, Ascencia has implemented a #SafeShopping plan which comprises of physical sanitary measures to ensure the safety of its employees, visitors, tenants and suppliers.


We’re disinfecting the mall and the shops daily. In addition to the disinfection, we have added the fumigation exercise to access the smallest possible spaces. All people coming in the Malls systematically undergo a temperature check; access is not provided to those whose temperature exceeds 37.5°C. All products are cleaned before they are made available to the public. And clothes shops have to disinfect fitting rooms and garments after each try-on.

For restaurants and fast-food operators, strict sanitary conditions are being applied to ensure the smooth running of the operations. On the delivery service side, entry and exit using the back door are controlled. Before any goods are delivered, all vehicles are disinfected. A document certifying the vehicle’s disinfection is required before accessing the mall.

Above all, we’ve ensured that all products used for cleaning and disinfecting are effective against the SARS-COV-2 virus.


For you, we carry out temperature checks and ask everyone to wear a mask upon their arrival at the mall. If you don’t have a mask, you can buy one at cost price at the mall itself. Furthermore, queue markers have been installed to ensure social distancing measures. Hands sanitizers are at your disposal after each 40 meters in our Malls. And finally designated bins have been put in place so you can throw away your mask when leaving the mall.

Think Safe, Act Safe and Shop Safe with Ascensia!

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